Tom Buhl – An Artist for All Seasons…

For those of you who don’t know Tommy, you should.

This is a guy who seems constantly “in his element” no matter where he happens to be. If you have ever attended one of Popular Woodworking’s “Woodworking in America” conferences then he is the guy running around, cameras in tote, recording as much and conversing as much as he possibly can. He then takes all the media and information he has gathered and incorporates it into a myriad of different projects.

Note that the word  “project” doesn’t involve just things made of wood. Tom has a talent for making a statement with just about anything he can get his hands on. Whether it be a camera, a computer, a fine piece of lumber, or even a simple piece of chalk….Tommy can work with just about anything and in the end leave you with your head shaking and your mouth hung open. 

Tommy attempting “levitation” while working on a James Krenov tribute in 2010

Tommy attempting “levitation” while working on a James Krenov tribute in 2010He has a wonderful talent for taking what his “mind’s eye” sees and bringing into the real world. His designs in wood emulate his demeanor. Well balanced, softened edges, inviting you to come and take a closer look.   

With all of Tom’s talents, what will impress you most is his outgoing but gentle and generous personality. It brings a balance to him that makes him the kind of guy any of us would love to have as a next door neighbor.

So, scroll down and let the head shaking and jaw dropping begin…..

To see more of Tommy’s talented work along with construction pics of the pieces below, check out his site: