Sinker Caribbean Heart Pine

(Pinus caribbaea):

A long leaf pine with very beautiful grain that looks similar to the old long leaf heart pine of the southern US.

Flat sawn this material takes on a very curly and sometimes quilted grain. Quarter sawn material will be very straight and sometimes looks like light colored zebra wood.

Either way, this material is stunning and very tight and strong. Much heavier than the North American varieties.




Working with the wood close-up for several weeks left me VERY impressed with its beauty and workability.  The wood is really fine-grained with lots of very small pores that add a glittery glow under finish, making it seem translucent.  We compared it to some mahogany scraps left from a previous project.  It was purchased about five to six years ago and machined two years ago.  It had darkened a bit with exposure to air, but clearly the grain of your mahogany was much, much finer.  It made the recent mahogany look coarse in comparison.

Dave M. in Peoria, Illinois