Sinker Honduras Mahogany

(Swietenia macrophylla):

We have available, at the moment, straight grained and highly figured material in widths up to 20″ and thicknesses of 1″ to 3″.  Please understand that drying material submerged in water for upwards of 200 years is a “touch and go” process.

We are taking all precautions necessary to guarantee stable, straight lumber you will be proud to work with. Once the material is ready we will display it on the site in order of the logs sawn so that you can be sure you receive material of consistent figure and color.




Rich, The blocks came this afternoon and boy, do they look sweet.  There is a problem; I think a couple of the blocks got together and made another one – there were thirteen in the bundle…not that I’m complaining.  My wife loved the story of what you are doing and the story of the blocks themselves.  When I get my act together I’ll send yu some pics of the seats and grips. Thank you for your generosity; it has not gone un-noted.

Mark S. in Stevensville, Michigan