Chris Jenkins

Chris, along with his son Jeremy, own and operate Jenkins and Son Lamehorse Instruments in Dallas, TX.jeremychrisgg07-224x300 I visited Chris back in March of 2014 in their Dallas shop, (Jeremy runs a shop in Austin), and introduced him to our Sinker Back and Side sets. Inside of 5 minutes of meeting him I knew this was someone I wanted to know better. His guitars are visually stunning and sound amazing. His passion for building them is endless and he’s one of the most humble, good natured guys I’ve ever met. He already had an affinity for nice Mahogany and really liked the idea of using Sinker Mahogany.

It just so happened Chris was scheduled to give a presentation at the “Acoustic Guitar Meeting” in Sarzana, Italy at the end of May, 2014. It is quite the event and many regard it as the best global gathering of “who’s who” in acoustic guitar luthiers. He was interested in building a guitar out of Greener Lumber Sinker Mahogany to  display during his presentation and I gladly agreed to send him a nicely figured set from log 432 along with neck material to match. Well, needless to say, he built one helluva guitar out of it friends…..see the results below. (BTW: her name is “Sweet Marie”..perfect.) If you’re in the hunt for a custom built acoustic with masterful detail and great tone, give these guys a call…. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Sweet Marie:



fullback bodyback neckback

headplate playersside

Update, Sept. 7th, 2015: 

I just received a mail from Chris with pictures of his newest Sinker Mahogany instrument….”Gillian”.

She is headed to London where traditionally they like their guitars a bit more conservative and a tad less figured than “Sweet Marie” above but none the less a gorgeous guitar. Take a look at how well the Holly Bindings work with the Sinker Mahogany….really nice . Oh and Chris PS’d his mail with “It Sounds Great!”….. Well Duh…. Of course it does:

1gillianfullfrt300web 2gillianbodyplayersideweb 3gilliansoundholeweb


4gillianfullbackweb 5gillianbodybackweb 6gillianbackofneckweb

7headstockweb 8backofheadstockweb 9gillianpurflingdetailweb




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