Scott Jones

Scott is one of those woodworkers that finds a way to do things using methods and technology most of us would never dream of.

It doesn’t hurt that he is a master of practically all things “geek” but you would never know it speaking face to face with him as he doesn’t quite fit the stereotype. I can’t begin to tell you what he has done for Greener Lumber, the list would be too long to fit on this website.

Besides being our web designer and master, (yes, I pay him in wood….), he has helped us countless times with challenges we’ve had with things that range from accurately photographing wood for our online store to the best sonar solution for finding logs in rivers and lagoons in Belize.

All this and a great friend to boot.

Take a look at some of his work below and you’ll see that his talents cover a broad spectrum for sure.

A large bowl Scott turned from a 4″ thick Sinker Bullet Tree blank


A sofa table built from highly figured Sinker Mahogany.

sjones-Krista_Table 6

sjones-Krista_Table 4


sjones-Bullet_Duck_CallA duck call turned from Bullet Tree that will literally shake the windows if blown indoors….(reeeeeally loud).

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