New 3″ x 3″ Sinker Mahogany Neck Blanks in the Greener Lumber Online Store!!

We just added some 3″ x 3″ x 31″+ Sinker Mahog Neck Blanks and there is some really nice figure in some of them. Weights are ranging from 5.4 to 8.6 pounds so those of you that need something light weight you got it while those looking for more pronounced tone and sustain can jump on the heavier side of whats in stock. We’ve also begun photographing them a bit differently as now you’ll see all 4 sides and both ends of the blank to help you make your decision.


See the new stock HERE


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New Dreadnought Back & Side Sets Just Sent To The Store!!

I just finished uploading 18 Dreadnought sized Sinker Mahogany Back & Side sets to the online store. See them HERE. Eight of the sets are rare, dark, Caracolillo Mahogany and are stunning. Up close there is some figure in them that look almost like streaks of jaguar fur. Jump in and take a look soon if you want one….. they won’t last long!!


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More Sinker Mahogany Body Blanks Available NOW!!

I just uploaded 7 more Sinker Mahogany Body Blanks to the Greener Lumber Online Store. I cut these blanks over the weekend out of the recent charge of planks taken out of the kiln last week. The rest of the material in those planks went to acoustic back and side billets, (Keep an eye out for sets cut from them coming soon!). There are some beautiful blanks in this batch of material including a couple of dark Carcolillo Sinker Mahogany blanks, (see below).

hml-611-db-bb01  hml-611-db-bb02


The next batch of material will be coming out of the kiln in another 8 days or so. It promises to produce some knockout blanks too!!

Havagoodweek All!!

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More Body Blanks Available Soon!!

Another batch of planks has come out of the kiln and is being processed into body blanks and back and side billets:


Freshly dried planks ready to be edged into body blanks and billets.

Body blanks from this batch should be available for purchase early next week. Keep an eye out for them by checking their page in the Greener Lumber Online Store


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Just Uploaded New Guitar Blanks To The Online Store!

I know it’s been awhile but we just finished sawing up some Sinker Mahogany solid body blanks and they’re now available in the online store along with a few new neck blanks.


There aren’t a lot of them yet and they won’t last long so get in quick.

I have more material drying in the kiln that should be ready to saw into more blanks in about 10 days. Hopefully another 10 or so blanks out of that batch.

Also keep an eye out for some new Dreadnaught and Jumbo sized Sinker Mahogany back and side sets. I’m hoping to get them sawn next week sometime.



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