Old Growth Honduras Mahogany: (Swietenia macrophylla):

We have available, at the moment, straight grained and highly figured material in widths up to 20″ and thicknesses of 1″ to 3″.  Please understand that drying material submerged in water for upwards of 200 years is a “touch and go” process. We are taking all precautions necessary to guarantee stable, straight lumber you will be proud to work with. Once the material is ready we will display it on the site in order of the logs sawn so that you can be sure you receive material of consistent figure and color.


Mahogany Testimonials:

Fred W. in West Chester, PA: “Rich, I received my mahogany and holy crap it is just gorgeous.  Thank you very much!”

Ethan S. in St. Louis, Missouri: “Received the wood. Looks great at first glance. Will unpack it all the way tonight and drool for a while. Thanks Rich.”

Dave M. in Peoria, Illinois: “Working with the wood close-up for several weeks left me VERY impressed with its beauty and workability.  The wood is really fine-grained with lots of very small pores that add a glittery glow under finish, making it seem translucent.  We compared it to some mahogany scraps left from a previous project.  It was purchased about five to six years ago and machined two years ago.  It had darkened a bit with exposure to air, but clearly the grain of your mahogany was much, much finer.  It made the recent mahogany look coarse in comparison.”

Jim C. in Essex, Maryland: “Hey Rich, HAPPY SATURDAY! The wood is beautiful! I love it!.”

Mark C. in Las Vegas, Nevada: “Thanks Rich, Got the wood yesterday FRI. Looks great I’m looking FWD to working with it on the next Axe its ear marked for….”

Matthew M. in Shreveport, Louisiana: “Received the wood yesterday and it is amazing! My wife is already asking if I can make some furniture out of it instead of a guitar. I guess I may be calling you in the future for another project : ).”

Stan C. in Kansas City, Missouri: “Arrived this afternoon.  Wood looks great!  I hope to do it justice.  Thanks Rich”

Steve K. in Sweetser, Indiana: “Rich, Received the new board and it was perfect. Thanks again and can’t wait to find a project to use it on.”

Tommy B. in San Diego, California: “Hi Rich, I hope the new year is treating you well. I just completed my second project using your wonderful material. ”

Tony G. in Albuquerque, New Mexico: “Thanks Rich,  and thanks for the pen, I love it.  I really appreciate your customer service, along with your products, they are both great.”

Mike K. in Cary, North Carolina: “Rich, Wood came today, try to say as nice as I can be without being mean, this wood is freaking killer, thanks a million!!! Its beautiful!”


Old Growth Bullet Tree: (Bucida buceras)

A very heavy, hard, but workable hardwood with outstanding grain character. We have material in inventory in widths up to 26″ and thicknesses of 1″, 2″, and 4″. We have plans to make several large turning blocks available as this material will make some real eye popping bowls and vases. The 1″ and 2″ material in it’s present state is very long and wide and we see some amazing table tops that could be produced from it.


Old Growth Sapodilla: (Manilkara zapota)

SPL-342-225x300Commonly known in Central America as “Chicle”. This is the tree that was discovered in 1910 to have a very thick sap that when extracted and boiled down made the base used for the growing chewing gum industry. These trees are still used for this today and “Chicleros” still roam the forests to find trees ready for tapping. For this reason these trees are rarely cut for use in woodworking because the sap is very viscous making the wood difficult to dry. Sapodilla logs found in the rivers though have no sap in them as anaerobic bacteria removed it from the woods capillaries long ago leaving behind nothing but water. This is beautiful material but rare to find and works well with sharp tools even though it is fairly hard. It doesn’t last long in the Online Store so if you see it there you had better grab it while you can.

Sapodilla Testimonials:

Mark S. in Stevensville, Michigan: “Rich, The blocks came this afternoon and boy, do they look sweet.  There is a problem; I think a couple of the blocks got together and made another one – there were thirteen in the bundle…not that I’m complaining.  My wife loved the story of what you are doing and the story of the blocks themselves.  When I get my act together I’ll send yu some pics of the seats and grips. Thank you for your generosity; it has not gone un-noted.”


Old Growth Santa Maria: (Calophyllum brasiliense)

Used for a wide rang of products from flooring to furniture and is a staple for hardwoods in Belize. It’s grain and color can vary slightly depending on the soil and climate it grows in. The color sometimes resembles a very tight grained Bubinga and is also used as a Mahogany substitute when material is found that matches closely in color. We have a good supply of it now and is available for purchase.

Santa Maria Testimonials:

John W. in St. Louis, Missouri: “Just got to the point where I am using the santa Maria. It is great!”


Old Growth Caribbean Heart Pine: (Pinus caribbaea)

A long leaf pine with very beautiful grain that looks similar to the old long leaf heart pine of the southern US. Flat sawn this material takes on a very curly and sometimes quilted grain. Quarter sawn material will be very straight and sometimes looks like light colored zebra wood. Either way, this material is stunning and very tight and strong. Much heavier than the North American varieties.


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