Stretch Your River Recovered Mahogany Dollar To The Max!!

From the very first Old Growth Mahogany log we pulled out of the water I thought, “I wonder if this material could be sliced into veneer??”. I mulled around the idea for quite sometime as risking a large and valuable log to a veneer slicer could be financially “brutal” if it didn’t work out. But then it just so happened we had 2 small logs that River City Hardwoods couldn’t fit on their mill deck because they were too short for the dogs on the deck to grab. I then realized that a great opportunity was staring me in the face. This was material we could slice into veneer and not get clobbered if it didn’t work!!  I called a friend of mine by the name of Todd Morrissette. A great guy who owns “Dead Head Lumber Company”. He pulls old growth Birch, Maple, Beech, Oak, Spruce, Hemlock, and Pine logs from rivers and lakes up in Maine. You can see his inventory of material at He pointed me in the direction of Rob Mathers at Thiesing Veneer Company in Mooresville Indiana. Todd had sent him some flamed birch to slice and said they did a masterful job with it. I called Rob and was pleased to find he was more than willing to give this material a shot. In March of this year I drove up to Mooresville with my 2 baby logs and got a great lesson on how veneer is supposed to be produced. If you are ever in the Mooresville area, (just outside of Indianapolis), and you want to see what a great family run company is supposed to be about, give them a call. They have an incredible plant. They turn out some of the most impressive and exacting veneers I have ever seen. I took alot of video of them turning these two logs into 59 bundles of veneer and will definitely go back to them again with some bigger logs to slice. Early next week I’ll post a video showing the experience of slicing our first river recovered mahogany veneer logs.

This material is now available in our online store and is priced from $1.00 to $2.50 per square foot based on size, figure and quality. It is sold by the bundle of which range from 10 to 25 sheets per bundle. So if you’re looking to stretch your mahogany dollar, give this material a look. (Click HERE to go to the online store and select your material).


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