Fresh Mahogany in the online store….get it while its Hot!!

Finally!!! We have the first Mahogany planks from Log 228 up in the store, (Click Here to go directly to the Log 228 planks). We are using a new photographing technique that will hopefully help you see the planks in much better detail. We are taking close up sectional photos of a plank and then using a stitching software that melds all the photos back together into one plank. It’s working pretty well and when you click on a plank pic in the store to see a larger view, be prepared to get “close up and personal” with the plank as the detail is much more vivid that the pics of old. We have also combined both sides of a plank into one photo so you can see both sides instead of just the “good” side. We’re still working with some lighting issues when taking the photos as the exposure area on the ends of each section is just a tad darker than the middle which results in some darker bands showing across the planks when the sectionals are stitched together. This doesn’t impede the detail¬† of the pic but looks a little strange. We’re working on some better lighting techniques and hopefully will have this solved soon.

You will also see that we are no longer cutting plank pieces. The rough sawn planks will be sold as whole planks only from this point on. I know this may disappoint some of you but fear not….we are in the process of taking some of the planks and cutting them into smaller lengths and will be putting them up in the store in the “Bits and Pieces” pages. We will also be adding a new section for you guitar builders out there. The “Guitar Parts” section will be up by mid April and you’ll be able to buy body stock, neck stock, and even fret board material for that ’59 Les Paul you’ve always wanted to build.

Now for the disappointing part of “What’s New”. We are having a problem at our sub-contracted mill getting material dried. They have taken on a very large contract for soft maple and are having a problem with getting enough material dried to keep up with orders. Needless to say this has resulted in putting Greener Lumber material on the back burner and I’m now in the process of finding additional kiln time at other facilities. Finding substantial kiln space in the Vacuum Kiln arena is a difficult task and has put a crimp on our inventory but we’re not giving up. Yes, its frustrating and hopefully in the next few months we’ll have generated enough capital to purchase a couple of vacuum kilns of our own and then we’ll be able to keep producing the inventory we need to keep you all supplied. I’m picking up another load of Mahogany next Monday, April 2nd, and I’ll keep you up to date on when it hits the store.

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